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Miss “G” (OKC, Harrah, Edmond newborn photographer)

How cute is this little one!?!? I am just finishing up her gallery and thought I would post a few :)


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Mr. D (Harrah, Edmond, OKC newborn photographer)

This little guy was SO SO sweet!!! I don’t know why I don’t post the macro shots more often because I sure do love the up close details! Here are some favorites from our session last week :)


F26C4856web F26C4903 copy F26C4832web F26C5028 copy F26C4998web F26C4898 copy F26C4953bw copy 7-F26C4976bw copy

Where the Wild things are! (Harrah, OKC, OK newborn photographer)

I loved this little guy so so much! And I could not help myself with the “Where the Wild Things Are” set from Jujubee’s (one of my favorite newborn clothing vendors!!!)…Here are a few favorites from this little “wild things” session ;)


1-F26C4212web 2-F26C4269web 3-F26C4445web 4-F26C4229web 5-F26C4308bw copy 6-F26C4367web 7-F26C4332web 9-F26C4386web8-F26C4172web

Twins!!! (Harrah, OKC newborn photographer)

Seriously! How precious are these two!? I loved spending time with them last week! :)


9-F26C3885web 10-F26C4091web 8-F26C3918bwweb 4-F26C4002web 5-F26C4127web 6-F26C4035web 7-F26C4052web 1-F26C3907web 2-F26C3854web 3-F26C4150web


Miss C’s 6 month session (Harrah, Ok baby photographer)

I love when I get to photograph a baby numerous times in their first year…it’s so fun seeing all of the changes that happen in just a few short months!

I am loading C’s gallery now and here are some of my favorites from her session.


1-F26C3704web 2-F26C3778web 3-F26C3701web 4-F26C3828web 5-F26C3783web 6-F26C3747web 7-F26C3733web 8-F26C3757web

Sweet little “K” (Harrah, Ok Newborn Photographer)

I am loading her gallery as we speak and thought I would share a few from her session. :)

F26C3576bwweb 8-F26C3511web 7-F26C3554bwweb 6-F26C3490web 5-F26C3666web 4-F26C3613web 3-F26C3648web 2-F26C3543web 1-F26C3577web

A few favorites…(Harrah, Ok newborn photographer)

I am STILL working on a new site and have totally neglected this one :( Shame on me! Again, I DO have a Facebook page and that is where I stay VERY active and am constantly posting images from sessions :)

You can visit it at:

Here are just a few from a session last week. Enjoy!

1-F26C3276editweb 2-F26C3393web 3-F26C3353web 4-F26C3381web 5-F26C3240web 6-F26C3314web 7-F26C3310web 8-F26C3367web

Some recent favorites :)

I am working on a new website at the moment…well I’m not ( I stink at that kind of stuff) BUT I have hired someone else to do so…I am SOOO excited to have it completed!

In the meantime, Here are some from recent sessions :

F26C5558web F26C7091web F26C7108web F26C7509web F26C7682web F26C7851web F26C7950web F26C8082web F26C8086web F26C8449web F26C8603web F26C8942web F26C9111web webolivianew F26C0533web F26C0639web F26C0757web F26C9258edit F26C8225web 2-F26C9819editweb F26C9857web 2-F26C5228web 2-F26C9154web 4-F26C5943web F26C7848web F26C0122web F26C0271web F26C0460web F26C0176web F26C0253web F26C9554web F26C9623web F26C0817web F26C0835web F26C0839web F26C0890web F26C0906web F26C0994web F26C1023web

Well since I am behind on blogging again….(Newcastle Oklahoma newborn baby children’s photography)

Since I am behind again, I am going to just share SOME of my sessions over the past few months :)

Maybe I can catch up ONE DAY! ;)  I am ALWAYS current on my Facebook page though, so be sure to check it out, if you haven’t already,

daadada F26C7158web F26C7970web F26C8072web F26C8084web F26C8758web F26C8812web F26C9022web F26C9052web IMG_9244web IMG_9436web IMG_9470web IMG_9577web IMG_9593web IMG_9635-2web IMG_9648web IMG_9733web webnewborncoll IMG_8966web IMG_9038web IMG_8051web 3-F26C8031web F26C0064web F26C9992WEB

I see the light…. (OKC Newcastle Oklahoma newborn photographer)

This is THE busiest season of the year for a photographer…and MY DID I feel it this year!!!! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel but at many points in time I had over 40 sessions to edit…phew! Glad that’s over haha! I have about 10 to edit right now and IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! I have a photog friend who puts it SO well…she says this season she is blessed and stressed haha! SO true!

Anyhow, I have definitely gotten behind on my blog posts so I am going to do one HUGE one here for all of the sessions I have not blogged :)

Up first is this sweet baby girl :)

IMG_5849web IMG_5925web IMG_5945web IMG_6033web IMG_6079web IMG_5992web


Then this little angel :)

IMG_3-7092web IMG_5-7072web IMG_7118web IMG_6-7107bwweb IMG_7013web

And then this sweet little lady too…goodness LOTS of girls ;)

IMG_5206web IMG_5260web IMG_5278web IMG_5344web 4_5313web IMG_5242web IMG_5309web IMG_5397web

Then here are some of my favorites from the Fall family sessions…

5_6558web IMG_1641-2web IMG_1646web IMG_2718web IMG_2783web IMG_3956-2web IMG_3995web IMG_4574web IMG_4790-2web IMG_4815bwweb IMG_5019web IMG_5062web IMG_6226web IMG_6278web IMG_6361web IMG_6379web IMG_6414web IMG_6422editweb IMG_6442web IMG_6533web IMG_6540web IMG_6579-2web IMG_8131editweb IMG_8138editweb IMG_8142editweb IMG_8155web IMG_8254web IMG_8281web IMG_8581web IMG_8776web weblennon IMG_8796web IMG_8813web IMG_8461web IMG_8491webIMG_4503-2webIMG_6269web IMG_8232bwweb4-3680zoomedweb IMG_3101web IMG_3146web IMG_3675web

And this little series just cracks me up…sister kisses baby brother. Baby brother is not too pleased and proceeds to wipe the kiss off of his cheek…big sister laughs. Baby brother cries…Priceless!

IMG_3847web IMG_3853web IMG_3868web

And I think I will save the rest of the “million” sessions that I didn’t share for another post….maybe tomorrow :)


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