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Miss A’s sitter session (Moore, OKC, Edmond, Harrah OK baby photographer)

Agggghhhhhh Miss A is seriously too cute! I just love her to pieces! She was such an angel at her newborn session and even sweeter at her sitter session! Here are some from both sessions :)

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Mr. J’s sitter session (Harrah, Moore, OKC, Edmond baby photographer)

I loaded Mr. J’s gallery about a week ago and forgot to share here…What’s neat is that I actually photographed his older sisters first year and I am now photographing his too. Here lately, I have been booking a lot of newborn sessions for clients that have already had a newborn session with me for an older sibling 2-4 years ago!….it’s absolutely, hands down, the neatest thing…to be able to continue watching a family grow and be part of something that will hopefully be treasured for a lifetime-their newborn images!

Anyhow, here is Mr. J at newborn and then again for his sitter session:

F26C9321web F26C9212web 6-F26C7097 copy 3-F26C7072 copy 1-F26C7116 copy 4-F26C7007 copy 5-F26C7046 copy

And just for fun, I am going to include an image from his sister’s newborn session, and then her most recent, that I took at her brothers session just a few weeks ago!

8 copy 2-F26C7139 copy

Cake smash time! (Baby, Children’s OKC, Moore, Harrah, Edmond OK photographer)

Here are some recent 1 year/cake smash sessions I’ve had with:

Mr. “O”, Mr. “C” and Mr. “A”…I have had the honor of photographing all 3 boys at newborn, 6 months and 1 year :)

F26C6924 copy F26C6939 copy F26C6890 copy F26C6911 copy F26C6985 copy 1-F26C6745 copy 2-F26C6695 copy 3-F26C6691 copy F26C6750 copy F26C6711 copy F26C6776 copy 4-F26C6871 copy 2-F26C6836 copy F26C6866 copy 3-F26C6839 copy

Mr. “J” (Harrah, OKC, Edmond newborn photography)

Isn’t this little guy such a cutie?! I don’t think I have ever seen hair like his on a newborn…I kind of love it! Here are a few favorites from my session with him.

F26C6525 copy 6-F26C6674 copy F26C6577 copy F26C6483 copy F26C6569 copy F26C6616 copy F26C6643 copy F26C6510bw copy

Miss “A” (OKC, Shawnee, Harrah newborn photographer)

I fell in love with this little one! She is so perfect!

1-F26C6175 copy 2-F26C6322 copy 3-F26C6382 copy 8-F26C6161 copy 5-F26C6404 copy 4-F26C6339 copy 6-F26C6179 copy 7-F26C6382 copy

Mr. “C” (Harrah, OKC, Shawnee newborn photographer)

I forgot to load some of my favorites from his session last week when I loaded his gallery online…I loved having him in the studio! He was so squishy and sweet; not to mention my hubby has been friends with his daddy since they were teeny tiny! How precious is he?! Seriously.

1-F26C5607 copy 5-F26C5916 copy 2-F26C5611 copy 7-F26C5785 copy 8-F26C5833bw copy 6-F26C5630 copy 3-F26C5890 copy 3-F26C5600 copy

Miss “G” (OKC, Harrah, Edmond newborn photographer)

How cute is this little one!?!? I am just finishing up her gallery and thought I would post a few :)


4-F26C5409 copy 5-F26C5534 copy 3-F26C5351web 1-F26C5501 copy 2-F26C5436 copy 6-F26C5576 copy





Mr. D (Harrah, Edmond, OKC newborn photographer)

This little guy was SO SO sweet!!! I don’t know why I don’t post the macro shots more often because I sure do love the up close details! Here are some favorites from our session last week :)


F26C4856web F26C4903 copy F26C4832web F26C5028 copy F26C4998web F26C4898 copy F26C4953bw copy 7-F26C4976bw copy

Where the Wild things are! (Harrah, OKC, OK newborn photographer)

I loved this little guy so so much! And I could not help myself with the “Where the Wild Things Are” set from Jujubee’s (one of my favorite newborn clothing vendors!!!)…Here are a few favorites from this little “wild things” session ;)


1-F26C4212web 2-F26C4269web 3-F26C4445web 4-F26C4229web 5-F26C4308bw copy 6-F26C4367web 7-F26C4332web 9-F26C4386web8-F26C4172web

Twins!!! (Harrah, OKC newborn photographer)

Seriously! How precious are these two!? I loved spending time with them last week! :)


9-F26C3885web 10-F26C4091web 8-F26C3918bwweb 4-F26C4002web 5-F26C4127web 6-F26C4035web 7-F26C4052web 1-F26C3907web 2-F26C3854web 3-F26C4150web



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